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Xenical -New Diet Drug Released!

Xenical (orlistat) was just released by the FDA and should be on drug store shelves by the time you read this.  It is exciting in that it is the first of a new class of drugs useful in treating obesity. It is not an appetite suppressant, but rather a fat blocker, blocking the absorption of up to 30% of fat in the diet.
Because of this,
it has none of the side effects or contraindications 
of traditional anorexics. It does not cause nervousness,

and can be taken by patients with heart disease. In fact, it can be very beneficial for these patients as well by lowering fat and cholesterol levels, and by decreasing the medication requirements for diabetics.
In studies Xenical has produced
significant weight loss, and maintained this weight loss for up to seven years.
It is not an amphetamine like drug so
there is no addiction poten-
tial. Thus
it is not a con

To better serve
Family Care Group has gone to a computerized medical records system.  Computers have been installed in each exam room, allowing patients to surf the Internet while waiting.  High speed T1  Access has been provided by Adept Communications, which also offers Dial Up Internet access to Family Care Group patients at a discounted rate of $14.95 a month. 
With Adept, Internet con

tent can be  filtered to remove objectionable material allowing your children to "surf" safely.
Going paperless will make your records more legible and easier to send to other physicians.  We hope to eventually have some information available online, password protected. Our weight loss patient may be able to view a graph online showing their progress.
At the
Family Care Group website,, you can get infor

mation on obesity, make appointments online, play games, calculate your body mass, send get well cards, search the web for medical information, and order Doctor's Nutrition System products and selected books on weight loss online. Driving directions to the office as well as a map to our free exercise class are also available on the site!

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